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Important Note!

Carefully review the item description before purchasing. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us before placing an order. And remember that ALL COLOR MONITORS DISPLAY COLOR SLIGHTLY DIFFERENTLY.

Once you’ve received your wig...

When you first take the wig out of the package or box, it may look a little different than what is shown in my pictures. That is because the wigs are well packaged to ensure each style and texture remains in tact, and are stored in a stationary position for some time. You will almost always need a good shaking and styling of the wig to make it look its best. We style all our wigs for the photo shoot with a light mist of water, sometimes liquid sprays and fingers. If we can style the wigs you certainly can too, so don't be afraid to make your wig your own.

Wigs look different on different people, even on different mannequins. Just like a size 10 dress on a mannequin will not look the same on someone who is a size 2 or vice versa. Depending on your face shape, size of your forehead, length of your neck, your jaw lines, etc., each style will appear differently from person to person. A little cutting and shaping will make all the difference in the world. You can always take your wig to a hair dresser and inquire about restyling. Remember: have the wig on when it is cut and styled.