Wigs are great; they always come in handy when you want to rock a classy look and stand out from the crowd. Its importance to the woman of the 21st century cannot be overemphasized. These great fashion accessories are wonderful until the need to preserve them arises. It is one thing to purchase a wig and an entirely different ball game to preserve these wigs and make them serve their purpose.

As a wig store, one of the questions we receive on a daily basis is summarized on how people can take care of their wigs. Knowing the importance of this question to every woman out there who owns a wig, we have decided to summarize the entire procedure into ten actionable steps.

1. Always detangle the wig before washing it with a wide teethed comb from the ends of the hair. It is not advisable to comb the hair from the roots since it can lead to shedding.

2. Wash your wig on a regular basis. If you wear your wigs every day of the week, it is advisable that you wash it 1 to 3 times weekly. This will take care of the dirty hair which is stubborn and hard to manage. A dirty hair can lead to the tangling of the hair which will cause shedding. 

3. Use only warm water to wash your wigs. Too hot or too cold water may affect the wig. While the latter is not ideal for removing dirt, the former may loosen the wig construction.

4. When rinsing the hair, make sure the water is flowing in the same direction as that of the hair. This avoids tangling and matting of the hair.

5. Always pay special attention to the area of the wig around the face since it may accumulate dirt in the form of makeup and oil.

6. Do not twist or rub your wig vigorously while washing or drying. This can mess up the hair’s construction.

7.To make your wigs last longer, always take note of your hair care products. Use only products which are sulfate-free and are formulated for chemically processed hair. This keeps the hair soft and manageable.

8. Do not place the wig on a Styrofoam mannequin head to avoid stretching the cap. To dry the wigs, you can make use of a tall can of hairspray or a folding wig stand. These are the best drying platforms for your wigs since they don’t stretch it.

9. Keep the wigs dry at all times. This will help to check disintegration and damaging of the hair constructions.

10. Only preserve completely dried wigs in a black net which was provided when you purchased the wig. This net keeps the wig aerated while in storage. On no account should any product be applied to the wig when it is not in use.

    To increase the shelf life of your wigs we suggest you detangle your long wig and braid it into one or two braids as this will help in keeping the construction intact.